Influencer Registration

UAE has launched a new law for all influencers to be officially licensed and work in the country. Register here and become a licensed influencer to build your platform in front of brands and your followers.


Licenced Influencer
Become a legal licensed influencer in this country and go achieve your dreams!
Fixed Pricing
No hidden or unknown costs. We have fixed price plans which we offer which include all services required for you.
Your Platform. Your Style
Once you are licenced. You are at the freedom of influencing people in the UAE in your style.
Easy Process
We provide a very simple and easy method for you to become a licenced influencer. Just simply follow the steps.

Register Here!



Step 1: Register Here
Step 2: Influencer Approval And Contact
Step 3: lnfluencer Payment
Step 4: Congrats! You are now Licensed!